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Welcome to our first ever blog for our brand new website, thank you for supporting us on our very special journey!!

We set up this company as we both have a huge love for crystals and the energy they bring with them to the person wearing them. We both love crystal jewellery and wear it every day. If Brooke can't wear the jewellery in school, she takes a tumble stone or a worry stone if she feels she needs it. This journey also allows us both time together making and choosing the jewellery, this is so much fun!!

We both love healing therapies such as reiki (this has changed mum's life completely) on a regular basis and also mindfulness techniques, especially meditation, of which we hope to offer on Instagram live on a regular basis to help other achieve a little bit of peace.

We have paired our handmade bracelets up that will help you achieve an emotional energy balance in your stressful life. The bracelets can be worn every day and they look amazing if you choose to stack them with more than one pair. Brooke loves to work with mum to make the bracelets as she knows they have very special abilities. She also loves to wear lots of the sets together, especially when modelling them for the site.

The necklaces, earrings and rings are chosen for not only their healing properties but also for their stylish beauty. All the crystals come with a card that tells you what their healing properties are so you can mix and match your items. The more you interact with your crystals, the more beneficial they will be for you as your touch charges up their electromagnetic energy that vibrates on your frequency and brings you into sync. 

We hope you love the website, pieces and well being kits as much as we do and please message us if you have any feedback.

Love Jennie & Brooke xx

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