When it comes to crystals that can help with grief, there are several options that may be effective. Some of the best crystals for dealing with grief include:

1. Rose Quartz - known as the "stone of love," it can help bring comfort, healing, and a sense of peace during times of sadness.

2. Amethyst - helps with anxiety, stress, and sadness, as well as promoting a sense of calmness and emotional balance.

3. Black Tourmaline - can help to absorb negative energy and emotions, protecting the person from further emotional harm.

4. Smoky Quartz - helps to ground and balance the emotions, releasing negative feelings and facilitating the healing process.

5. Lepidolite - contains lithium, which has mood-stabilizing properties, and can help with depression, anxiety, and emotional imbalance.

6.Clear Quartz - a master healer, it will help comfort and nurture through the times of emotional anguish and upset.