Crystal healing has been used for centuries to heal negative energies, they act as a channel for positive energy to flow through the body dispelling negative energies that influence our thoughts, feelings and emotions. Many people that use crystals for healing are overwhelmed by their ‘magical’ power as they can help one manage negative emotions and often overcome them.

There are many crystals that hold these different ‘magical’ energies so it is important to reflect on how you are feeling, what negative energy you want to draw out and what you ultimately want to achieve emotionally.

Crystals can be charged with reiki symbols and this enhances their healing benefits and enables them to amplify their energies and vibrations, thus giving them more strength to repair negative energy. Here are some of the crystals we offer:


Crystal Benefits and Energies:


  • Sodalite: emits tranquil energy, eliminates negativity and fears. Sodalite enhances self-esteem and self-trust. 

  • Hermatite: contains a calming energy that grounds feelings and strengthens our connection with the earth. Often used to help strengthen concentration and focus.

  • Lava stones: often thought to ground our feelings bringing with it calmness and strength. Can assist in keeping a calm temper and achieving logical thinking.

  • Black agate: emits a very calming energy for the wearer. Used by many to develop strength and courage, stability and security in times of unrest.


  • Opalite: used widely to aid the body to develop positive energy and free the wearer of negative energy. Opalite is well known for activating clear thinking and encouraging new beginnings.

  • Tiger’s eye: well known for protecting the wearer, it focuses the mind and induces mental clarity whilst assisting in the resolve of problems objectively. A good stone for helping to dispel anxiety. 


  • Amethyst: has unique healing energy and has to ability to relieve stress and strain, balance mood swings and dispel anger and anxiety. Often perceived as the most healing crystal, helping to in-still calm and give strength.  

  • Rose quartz: often referred to as the ‘love’ stone, promotes feelings of self-love, calm and inner healing. Rose quartz can positively impact internal wellbeing and self-esteem.

  • Selenite: a very powerfully crystal, surrounds your body with powerful positive energy while you sleep. Thought to have a mystical healing ability, sleeping with selenite under your pillow will leave you waking up refreshed and rejuvenated.

  • Citrine: Citrine is a stone that is often compared to the sun. It is often felt it has the power to combat anxiety and negativity. It will help you to connect deeper on a soul level and encourage positivity to your life.

  • Clear Quartz: this crystal can help you clear your mind, body and spirit of clutter. It promotes spiritual growth and healing alongside dispelling negative energies.

  • Angelite: will bring you a feeling of calmness and inner peace, helps you relax and soothe away your anxieties and worries bringing harmony into your life.

  • Black Obsidian: is a stone that absorbs negative energy and stimulates growth in the mind set. Obsidian is well known for drawing out mental stress and anxiety.  It is also good to bring clarity to the mind preventing confusion.

  • Green Jade: well known for releasing negative thoughts, soothes the mind and protects the wearer from harmful thinking. It is also thought to bring harmony to the person in their relationships, family and work.

  • Aventurine: renowned as a stone that allows the wearer prosperity, success and abundance. This stone is also believed to bring with it, good luck and fortune.

  • Lapis Lazuli: this stone connects to cosmic energies and protects the wearer from negative energies. It is thought that this stone encourages self-expression and reflection on inner truth whilst inspiring confidence and creativity.

  • Moss agate: is said to encourage tranquillity and emotional balance. It is thought to cleanse and stabilise the aura whilst rebalancing the body, mind and spirit.


  • Flourite: A very powerful crystal known for strengthening your thinking and giving you clarity of thought. It assists in clearing negative energy and helps make decisions confidently and effectively.

  • Carnelian: Carnelian is a crystal that helps you calm your mind and heightens your concentration allowing you to deeply meditate and focus on positive affirmations.


  • Rhodonite: is crystal is filled with love and balance and it also has the same effect on people. It helps the user achieve self-love and value which, like the stone, help one to radiate beauty.

  • Red Garnet: The stone of commitment and love, it brings to the wearer loving feelings and warmth. It help develop trust, sincerity and honesty, controlling anger towards the self and others.

  • Blue Goldstone: This stone brings to the wearer confidence and ambition, it greatly encourages motivation and drive. It has very positive energy so uplifts the wearer and promotes a cheery approach to life.

  • Austrian Crystal: They contain colour energies relating to their colours but also bring with the positive energy, hope, joy luck and are really good at diffusing negative energy 


  • Sunstone: is a stone of good luck and fortune. This stone instils good nature and dissipates fearfulness, alleviates stress and increases vitality.

  • Rainbow Magnetic Hermatite: Contains a calming energy that grounds feelings and balances body energies. Helps regulate the blood flow and calms the mind and nerves.  

  • Angel Aura: Has unique ability to help the wearer awaken empathy, optimism and compassion. It will assist with the enjoyment of life and encourages natural optimism. Often believed to be the stone that connects to the spirit realm

  • Aqua Aura: This crystal is often called both a success and abundance stone. It is believed to attract success to those that carry and wear it. It will enhance the ability to verbalise thoughts. 

  • White Jade: Considered to be a ‘lucky’ stone, white Jade can help you with your health, love and business. It also holds properties that can make you calm and peaceful.

  • Labrodite: Known as the ‘dreamer’s stone’, Labrodite can take one to higher levels of consciousness. This stone allows one to connect with higher energies and take one away from the negative pulls in life.

  • Amzonite: Amzonite is a stone of peace, harmony and good communication. It can make one feel calmer at times of stress and help one to achieve peace after periods of high energy



Meditation Incense and holder: an incense specially formulated to enhance your meditation session and allow a deeper state of focus and positivity, a holder that catches the ash comes with the incense.



Mala Meditation Beads: these beads can help you focus on meditation and mindfulness- they maintain you focus during meditation by moving your fingers across the beads whilst repeating a mantra or repeating affirmations.