Brooke and I are mother and daughter who love all the benefits, healing and magical feelings that crystals have brought us.


As a reiki trained practitioner, I have completely experienced the healing power of reiki and alongside this, discovered how crystals can complement this power on a daily basis, especially during this challenging time.

As a person who often suffers from stress, worry and anxiety, crystals have helped me manage my emotions and brought peace into my life. I wanted to make well-being a focus of my children’s life too so started to introduce my children to crystals. Brooke completely embraced the use of crystals and used them every day to help her to stay positive and happy. She shared this secret with her friends and they also started to feel better about their worries and anxieties. With a shared love of all things mindful and the magic of crystals, Brooke really wanted to bring this ‘secret magical power’ to our friends, family and our local community.

The response we got was amazing- everyone was interested in our products and techniques!! Realising how much need there was for families to understand and engage with this positive practice, ‘The Caring Crystal Company’ was born.

As a joint mother-daughter project, the aim of this venture is to bring light and positivity to young people, families and adults that feel the struggle of everyday life. We discovered that is it isn’t just the younger generation that need to focus on their well-being and mindfulness but the whole population. Doing mindful activities as a family really helps build a strong, loving bond that we want everyone to experience.

The aim of our jewellery is to pair crystals that complement each other and work together to tackle negative emotions and encourage positivity.

The products we offer are all reiki energy charged and filled infused with positive intentions and love. Alongside these products, we aim to teach adults and children how to use these crystal products in their everyday lives to improve their mindfulness, mood and negative feelings. To receive more guidance on how you, your children and your friends can maximise the benefits of the crystals join us on Instagram @the_caring_crystal_company and on Facebook for videos and inspiration.

 The Caring Crystal Company offers crystal and well-being products that are reiki infused and help people of all backgrounds to achieve wellness, mindfulness and peace in a fast moving and stressful world. The products and pieces of jewellery and aimed at adults and children, men and women and are of high quality and chosen because of their healing properties. The products for children aim to develop resilience and wellness strategies to ensure they can grow strong and confidently in an increasingly challenging society.The adult pieces and products aim to help people achieve calmness and coping strategies through times of chaos and to develop feelings of happiness moving into the future.

The Caring Crystal Company want to educate people on the use of crystals and how they can be used to heal and balance different energies throughout ones life. Meditation is an technique that the company wants to encourage its clients to use as along with a regular use of crystals, this daily practice can help achieve positive self esteem, fulfilment and self-actualisation. 
With ongoing use of our crystal products, our customers achieve increased tranquility, positivity and focus, enhanced immunity and mental wellbeing.


We hope you love these products as much as we do....


Love Jennie and Brooke xxx