Bracelet to support boy’s hormones


Bracelet to support boys hormones

This bracelet is for use of older children and teenagers experiencing the symptoms of puberty. It will help to balance hormones and soothe mood swings, self-doubt and help instil calm.

Tigers Eye: is great for balancing masculine hormones, it also helps give strength and energy. It calms worries and help boys achieve a sense of bravery and courage.

Carnelian: helps balance the sacral chakra and is nourishing to reproductive organs, it can help with cramps, is soothing, helps to balances hormones and gives energy.

Amethyst: is a master healer and supports in transition stages. It will diffuse pain and dispel negative, hormonal energies.

Sodalite: this crystal helps with subconscious and unwanted fears, especially fears of change. It will help mental clarity and create a sense of peace.