Breast Cancer Support Bracelet


This beautiful handmade bracelet contains five crystals that support the challenging breast cancer journey. These crystals will support your strength, your physical body, your mental health and your emotional energy.

  • Selenite is a very high-vibration stone and will provide protective energy. It also cleanses other crystals so will keep your bracelet working at its best. Selenite is a crystal of rejuvenation and divine feminine energy.
  • Rose Quartz is a beautiful light pink crystal associated with the Heart Chakra. It offers calming and soothing healing energies. It also offers wonderful healing properties. 
  • Amethyst is not only a natural tranquiliser relieving stress and strain, fear and anxiety; it also alleviates sadness and grief, and dissolves negativity.  It strengthens the immune system and relieves physical, emotional and psychological pain or stress.
  • Clear Quartz is a high vibrational and maintains clear energy. It is also a master healer crystal so will help with the recovery after treatment.
  • Fluorite boosts the immune system and stimulates the regeneration of cells.