Chakra Balancing Candle- 7 crystals: Sale

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This 7 crystal chakra balancing candle is amazing for cleansing your environment and balancing your energy centres. 

Light this candle to create an atmosphere of balance and alignment. Allow the mystical fragrance of "Moon Beams" to soothe your senses and connect you to higher realms, while the energy of seven gemstones resonates with and balances your entire chakra system.

🕯️ Seven Chakras: Represent balance, alignment, and energy flow throughout the body. 

🌙 Fragrance: Infused with the ethereal scent of "Moon Beams," a fragrance that invokes serenity and connection to higher realms. 

💎 Gemstones: Adorned with seven different gemstones, each representing one of the seven chakras, promoting balance and harmony throughout the body.