Cleanse Negative Energies Bracelet


This beautiful handmade bracelet contains four crystals that cleanse negative energies from your emotions allowing you to move forward without negativity weighing you down.

  • Amethyst- has unique healing energy and has to ability to relieve stress and strain, balance mood swings and dispel anger and anxiety. Often perceived as the most healing crystal, helping to in-still calm,give strength whilst cleansing negativity.
  • Selenite- dispels negative energy, doubt and self-criticism and surrounds its environment with positivity.
  • Labrodite- can take one to higher levels of consciousness. This stone allows one to connect with higher energies and take one away from the negative pulls in life.
  • Amazonite- is a stone of peace and harmony. It can make one feel calmer at times of stress and help one to achieve peace after periods of negativity.