Donate a Family Crystal Set for Cancer


This initiative allows you to donate a crystal set for a child with cancer and their family at the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital in Manchester. Aaron, son to Jennie and brother to Brooke, was diagnosed with lymphoma in July 2022. It was amazing the joy that crystals brought to Aaron's journey of recovery and mindset during these challenging times and other patients were given crystals by Jennie and it certainly helped them become more positive and gave them faith in healing.

Children can be so resilient and crystals vibrate with their energy to lift them up. Their family members also have a long and challenging journey along the way and crystals can also help them to stay strong and support their child. This is a cause very close to The Caring Crystal Company's heart and we appreciate you donating such a wonderful gift to an unbelievable child and their family on their cancer journey.

Six crystals will be intuitively chosen by Jennie or Brooke and gifted to the oncology ward for the nurses to distribute to the children and their family. Thank you from us and the ward for your donation to such a worthy cause.