Men’s Inflammation and Chronic Joint Pain Bracelet and Essential Oils Set


This bracelet uses crystals that support the easing of inflammation and pain relief of chronic joint pain. The essential oils help reduce the inflammation and pain throughout the day.

Hematite: Cleanses and aids iron absorption and reduces inflammation

Tigers Eye: Stimulates the endocrine system, stimulates joint repair and lowers blood pressure

Moss Agate: Contains anti-inflammatory properties and boosts the immune system.

Amethyst: A master healer stone, boosts the immune system and relieves pain

Lava Stones- strengthen the joints and dispel the pain any inflammation is causing.

Essential oils: Essential oils that are great for inflammation and calming joint pain are eucalyptus and frankincense.

Drop both or either of these essential oils on the lava stones, let the oils soak in before wearing and they will diffuse the oils throughout the day to support the crystals.