Menopause Bracelet


This bracelet will support you with the symptoms you are experiencing with the menopause and peri-menopause.

This beautiful bracelet is handmade to order, contains 8 beads and these beads were chosen because of the calming and healing benefits they bring to the physical and emotional symptoms that the menopause brings.
  • CITRINE - releases depression, balances the chakras & energises the body, eases hot flushes
  • LAPIS LAZULI - Helps overcome Insomnia & stress
  • ROSE QUARTZ - helps bring self love and self care, calms the mind and eases restless energy.
  • LEPIDOLITE - helps relieve exhaustion, release unwanted energy and embrace all changes in the body.
  • FLOURITE - helps focus the mind, cleanses the aura and concentration is improved.
  • MOONSTONE - Aids hormone balance, stabilises emotions, soothing, stone of inner strength
  • CARNELIAN - Energises, gives relief from depression, heals the reproductive system, balances sacral chakra
  • AMETHYST - Protective stone, dispels anger & fear, relieves pain, calms stress & anxiety

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